Thursday, March 26, 2015

I Live With a Man

It’s true. I know a lot of you do too and I get asked a TON how to handle decorating and DIY decisions with a spouse. I honestly don’t think I’m a lot of help here – my husband has learned to trust that my sometimes crazy ideas will work out in the end. I have it pretty easy when it comes to decorating and making minor changes to the house.

The little stuff I don’t even run by him – he could honestly care less about colors or fabrics or accessories. I mean…looking at that stuff is pure torture for him. If I asked I’d get a “that looks great!” for everything anyway. That being said, he’s always appreciative and comments on it when it’s done. When it comes to medium-sized projects like the idea of moving our laundry room to the basement or extending our kitchen island, I discuss it with him for budgeting reason and so he’s not totally shocked when he comes home from a business trip. ;) Ha! Just joking. Kinda.

And of course the big stuff we decide on together, like knocking down the wall in our family room last year. Actually my husband was the one pushing to build on to the house and I was trying to convince him the other option would work out pretty great. He couldn’t visualize it like I could but as it started to happen he saw my vision. That’s the thing – we’ve been together so long, he now knows that he’ll love what I do to the house. There are very rare occasions when he HATES an idea so when that happens I squash it right then and there.

But there are items we have to compromise on. There are a few things in our home that he LOVES and is adamant about keeping. I’m really not one for a “perfect” house – I want a lived in, comfy house. But I’m a girl who loves to decorate and a blogger who talks about decorating so, yes, there are things I’m not crazy about that he wants to keep around.

One is the sofa in our living room. I hate it. OK, hate is a strong word. Loathe:   gallery wall above sofa

It looks all sweet and innocent from here but (I’m going to rant for a second, prepare yourself) it’s impossible to clean, any type of cleaner leaves glaring marks on the upholstery (even water, grrr), it’s ginormous, the cat hair sticks to it like a magnet and the back cushions are attached so I can’t take them off to fluff or adjust or anything. Oh and I hate the color.

Yes I picked it out. We got the sofa ten years ago to fill this spot, and I made a few purchases I regret as I was just trying to “fill spots.” Live and learn.

BUT! It is so crazy comfy – almost too much so. You literally sink into it so it’s kind of funny watching guests sit down for the first time. ;) This is his nap couch – does your husband have one? 

He has conceded that’s too big for the room (mostly because it makes the placement of the huge Christmas tree that he loves difficult). He loves the tree more than the sofa, thankfully. So yes, one day this one is going, or at least moving to a different spot in the house. But it’s not a priority, obviously, because I’ve been sharing my loathing of this sofa for at least six years now. It’s comfy, I can hide most of the spots with pillows and we’re lucky that we even have a sofa in this room. (That’s what I repeat to myself.)

There are two items that he won’t budge on – no matter what. No way, no how, THEY ARE STAYING WOMAN. I present to you, the recliners:

decorating with a spouse

Well, that’s one. The other one is in his office and even though he never uses that one and it’s too big for the room IT’S STAYING. Fine!

My husband is seriously the most patient, sweetest soul but when I talk about his chairs he gets a teensy bit protective. Now I know they’re never leaving, ever, as long as I live, so I’ve succumbed. But when I joke about replacing them someday he throws himself across one and declares his love and then I’m all, just joking, calm down man, wow!

We got these chairs as a gift when we got married, so they’ve been around for a while. Yes, I helped pick them out. Yes, they appear to be purple in some light. Yes, they are insanely, wonderfully, scrumptiously comfortable:

basement decor

You see that I try to hide it with a cute pillow and a blanket. I like to pretend it helps.

But I deal. It’s not worth doing anything in our home if he doesn’t love to be here too. It’s just as much his house as it is mine, it doesn’t matter who picks out the pillows or accessories.

Here’s another angle because you know you want it:

Dead sexy!

See? The throw helps, yes? No?

These are his babies and they are staying. I took a nap in this one the other day and was secretly loving it but don’t tell him I said that.

These are just a couple of the items in our home that we compromise on. The decorator in me has learned to deal. The wife in me knows that it’s more important that we both feel at home here. But as I said, I think I have it pretty easy when it comes to this stuff. He knows this is my passion and gives me freedom. I know many of you have spouses who are a lot more involved and I would just say to you to try to compromise as much as you can. The chair you hate is probably the comfiest spot in the house, am I right? As you can see, a perfectly placed throw makes ALL the difference. ;)

(By the way, I hope you all know to take my “ranting” with a grain of salt – I appreciate every bit of our home but I appreciate the people in it even more.)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Everything You Ever Needed to Know

Seriously, what did we do before the internet? I know -- played outside a lot more, got more exercise, actually talked to each other, whatever. But how did we find out the real important stuff like what size rug to buy? HOW??

Thankfully we now have access to that information and better yet, brilliant people create infographics that allow us to figure it all out in one glance. Thank YOU internet and those people. (And I remember back in my old PR days when Internet was always capitalized. Old.)

So over the weekend when I was making the new bed pillows, I searched to find ideas for the placement of the pillows. I’ve never been good at the bed making thing – you know this. I ended up doing a mix of a couple of these but I did find this very helpful:

bed pillow placement (Site no longer active.)

This one is helpful when actually making a “proper” bed – again, I say do whatever the heck you want with your bed and your house. But I’m nearly 40 so I figured it was about time to figure this out:  layered-bedding Just Decorate

I showed you this one when I made our tufted headboard – these are the different headboard designs:

headboard shapes

I did the Belgrave. :)

When I do a gallery wall I literally just start placing things and moving them around till I like the way it works. Yes I end up with a few holes to fill. If you need more structure to this process then this one is helpful:

Gallery wall layout ideas

Awesome ideas!

I’m hoping to take on a few tiling projects this year and I found this tile design infographic fascinating:

tile layout designs

Some of those scare me a little and I think are best left to the professionals. But some are very doable.

I get asked about paint sheens a lot – this is a simple explanation of how and where to use each one:

how to choose a paint finish

I’ve used gloss on trim in the past but have moved to semi-gloss instead over the past few years. We made the mistake of allowing our builder to paint half of our house in flat paint – worst idea ever. I do not recommend flat paint high traffic areas ever – you can’t wipe it down. There are newer formulas that are supposed to be a little better, but I’d still stick with eggshell. Remember, the higher the gloss the more imperfections will be seen.

This one is brilliant – it compares all the various flooring types based on cost, durability and ease of installation and cleaning:

 photo flooring_zpsmrww3d41.jpg

Love it!

Another hard one – choosing the right rug size for your space. This one gets a lot of us, right? This graphic from World Market is helpful:

choosing the right rug size

And here’s a do and don’t version:

rug placement do's and don't's

Burlap and Lace

Before the internet we obviously lived all willy nilly with pillows and rugs all over the place. Thank goodness for infographics. ;)

Again, you know what I say – it’s your house. Do what you want. I believe there are no rules when it comes to your own home and you should do what you love. But these do help those of us who need a little direction sometimes!

Have you found any of these helped you out?