Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Tree Party, 2014

Well hello! It’s that time again! I’ve hosted this little shindig for six years now – crazy! It’s time to gather together and show off your beautiful Christmas trees and decor:

Thrifty Decor Chick Christmas party

But first, mine! :)

We usually have four trees in our home – it sounds crazy but one I’ve never even decorated till this year:

skinny Christmas tree

And it was so easy and cheap – check it out here if you missed the bedroom tour earlier this week.

Another one is a real tree for the kiddo’s stuff – the fun one with colorful ornaments. I love it. (Check out last year’s party to see it more of that one.)

Those two are minimal effort and don’t take up much storage space.

A few years back I picked up a flocked tree for our newly finished basement:

flocked tree

Goodness, I love this tree. It was from WalMart and I’m still so happy with it. It doesn’t shed a ton of “snow” and you would think it would. It’s just so beautiful.

It’s only three pieces and super easy to set up – I had it up and fluffed within 30 minutes. Every Christmas break we pretty much hibernate in the basement for two straight weeks so it is lovely to have this down there:

flocked tree Walmart

Of our three faux trees I think this one looks the most real. It will look spectacular one day when that electric fireplace behind it is actually built into the wall. Been dreaming up that project for years now. :)

And our last one…I have a confession to make about our big tree. I call her Big Bertha. The Beast. Pain in my butt.

She’s huge and I kind of dread getting her out every year – isn’t that awful? When she’s up I’m so happy but the process wears me out. My husband goes along with pretty much all of my ideas for decor around the house and rarely has a strong opinion about things…but this tree is his baby. He loves Christmas decor and loves. this. tree.

Last year he was out of town and my sister helped me get all the pieces down from the garage – I thought I would be able to make things a bit easier by making it 10 feet tall instead of 12 feet (I didn’t put the bottom piece of the tree on so it was shorter).

Swear to God he noticed when he walked in the door – nobody would ever notice!! He did. So this year he pulled it down and we set up his baby in it’s full glory.

Twelve feet of tree takes some time to decorate – and it’s a workout on the ladder. Another reason this tree wipes me out? The cats LOVE IT. Our insane kitty literally climbs up around the inside of it and will poke his head out the top. It drives me absolutely crazy:

Colby cat

But last night I was taking pictures of it and I have to tell you…after pulling the cat out for the 15th time, my heart warmed and I just sat and appreciated Bertha:

brown, gold and red ornaments

That snowflake is made from the old Hoosier Dome top for you locals by the way – we spent a lot of time there back in the day so I had to get one. :)

She is a beast but my goodness…she is spectacular:

12 foot Christmas tree

It’s all worth it. :) And I love that my husband loves the tree so dang much:

train around tree

Although I’d be fine if this guy lost a little of the love:

Lowe's fake tree, 12 feet

I’m not gonna lie – I got a little emotional standing there last night, just taking a moment to enjoy it.

It is magnificent. :) Here’s the view from our second level:

12 foot tree

My “Fa la la” prints went back into the frames and they reflect the light beautifully:

Fa la la art

And of course a little bokeh never hurts:

bokeh Christmas tree Whew. It’s a lot of work but after all is said and done…so worth it. There is NOTHING like sitting by a lit up tree with all the lights off, am I right? So grateful.

Now I can’t wait to see your tree and decor! Link up here – and if you’d like to link back to TDC it would be appreciated but it is not mandatory.

I’ll be back on Monday – I’m currently in freak out mode to get all the shopping done. ;) Have a great weekend my friends!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Photo tree and a holiday bedroom

Hello my friends! I’m starting to freak out a little bit…Christmas is next week right?? I’ve been ignoring this fact for awhile now. The funny thing is that I’m still decorating. It will only stay out for a couple of weeks but I’m really enjoying it so I continue to fluff. :)

I’ve tackled some little projects in our bedroom over the past few days and added some Christmas touches in the room. I’m especially excited about the tree! I got this one years back at Lowe’s after the holidays for $12. It’s super skinny and an easy one to store.

For the past few years I’ve only turned on the lights (it came with them) and left it at that. I’ve wanted to decorate it more but just never get to it. This year I took a few minutes and did something a little different. I wrapped some jute “ribbon” around the tree that I’ve had for awhile, then I picked out some of my favorite photos from over the year and printed them out.

I just stuck them inside the tree:

picture tree at Christmas

They are pictures of everyday stuff and from the wonderful trips we took this year (that one to the right is us on one of our four trips down Splash Mountain a few weeks ago. My husband’s face is AWESOME.)

I edited them so they were in a sepia tone:

picture tree at Christmas

I meant to print them out way smaller but it was a happy accident – I love how the bigger pics look. Our son and his nephew top the tree:

picture tree at Christmas

My heart is full! I am a lucky lucky girl.

It’s such a wonderful way to look back at our blessings this year. The Bub and my husband loved it:

picture tree at Christmas

I love having it our room but next year we may move it down to the family room. It would be perfect down there and may actually end up down there yet this year. :)

My tree skirt is just extra fabric left over from my DIY headboard in this room. I just fluffed it up around the tree, no hemming:

picture tree at Christmas

Our bedroom is one of my favorites in our house and it’s especially warm and cozy this time of year. I took some more pics to share with you today – including the obligatory bokeh pic:

I’m a blogger. It’s mandatory.

I took most of these at night because I especially love it then:

picture tree at Christmas

I kept most of the items on the mantel and just added some greenery and lights:

Christmas mantel fresh greeneryChristmas mantel

The art was painted by me – I was trying to create something for the family room weeks ago and this turned out too dark. It’s still a little dark for me but it fills this space for now. :) The frame is just cheap lattice wood.

This room is still very much in between – these walls are the original color I put up years ago, Tornado Watch (from Lowe’s). I have the new paint but this room is a doozy so I’ve been putting it off for a year months:

Jacobean stain hardwoods

I want to do a treatment to that fireplace wall – I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to do and I finally have a plan!

The new wall color is lighter and will look lovely – I just want to make sure to keep a cozy feel in here: 

grays in bedroom I have plans for that long bench too – it’s the perfect size and super comfy so I plan to redo it so it works in the room a little better.

I LOVE this space though, even half way “there”:

board and batten gray wall

Have you decorated a tree in a unique way? I’ll be saving these photos and will just add to them next year. Love it!

Speaking of trees…my annual Christmas tree party will be held later this week! If you are a blogger, please join me this Thursday and show off your trees and home tours. If you’re not a blogger, grab a cup of cocoa and enjoy!

Thrifty Decor Chick Christmas tree party

I’ll see you back here for the party! Whoot!