Thursday, March 5, 2015

Blue Skies in the Mud Room

Well hello there! It’s a gorgeous but freezing cold day here today…but there is hope for spring soon! Starting this weekend it’s supposed to warm up around here and should be in the 50’s by next week. Whoot! I’m already planning to start on some outside clean up, I can’t wait to get outdoors again.

Until then, I’m focusing on the mud room again. I’ve been tackling a lot in the kitchen but want to finish up some other projects around the house before I move on in there. I don’t focus on one room for that long usually…unless it’s driving me crazy. It feels good to get moving on another space!

Our mud room has been in a mostly done state for quite some time now. Last year I got a ton done in there. This one is out of my norm – I went with white walls and color on the trim and I absolutely LOVE it.

One of bigger projects I wanted to get done in this space was replacing the ugly fluorescent light. It provided great light but I just hated the look of it. I took it down sometime late last year and it was simple to do, it left two large holes in the ceiling that needed to be patched. But otherwise it was the same as any other light as far as removal.

Then I got a wild hair and thought recessed lights would look great in here, but we have plumbing running through the ceiling right where I wanted to add them, so that was patched and I’ve been left with this for the past few months:

painted ceiling

Well, that was after I started painting the ceiling, so it looks even worse here. :) The light was a Habitat Restore find and I was so excited about it! But I realized two things after I got it hung – there was a piece missing so I had to rig it so the cord wouldn’t keep dropping through the ceiling, but it did. I could have fixed that but the bigger issue was this type of light is awful for such a small space like this. It only shines light from the bottom, obviously.

It was way too dark in there, even with the sconces above the bench. So I decided to switch some things up. Our master closet light is beautiful but in the eight foot ceilings in that room it was too low. We lived with it for about a year and I was tired of hitting it when I put a shirt on. ;) So a few weeks ago I picked up a new light for that room and yesterday took the old one down here to the mud room:

It’s so, so pretty! It’s like the surface of the sun bright though, so I’ll be adding a dimmer in here. I’m dying to get some natural light in this room but it’s surrounded by garage and house – I’ve had an idea in mind for years to add some light and I think I’ve convinced myself to try it. Stay tuned for more on that. :)

Anyway, while I was at it I finished up a few other projects on the to do list in here. I painted the ceiling a very pretty light blue color called Billowing Clouds. I got it years ago for the powder room ceiling: planked walls bathroom

I absolutely love a painted ceiling (I’ve done it in about half of our house), especially a blue. It just makes the room feel so pretty, and I firmly believe a blue on the ceiling makes a space feel larger. It truly tricks the eye and makes it feel like the sky. It was hard to capture in photos but LOVE it: beadboard mud room

I finally finished painting the door trim to match the beadboard too. I painted it all white at first and it looked weird against the white walls. The darker color looks so much better!:

blue beadboard

This room has come a loooong way! Here’s a reminder of the before:

And that spot today:

DIY mud room bench

I’ve always said you should have fun in three rooms – the dining room (you can be dramatic!), the powder room (it’s small!) and the mud/laundry room – just because it’s a space only you see most of the time. Do something different and fun and stretch your comfort zone!

That light blue ceiling is just so lovely, it’s my favorite. Next up, building the shelves above the lights. (It will be random storage we won’t access much since it will be so high.) Then I plan to dress up the walls and accessorize a bit – can’t wait to get to that point!

Are you a fan of painted ceilings? Have you painted them in your home?

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

DIY Soft Close Doors

Hey there my friends! I am SO excited about his find and couldn’t to share it with you!

So you know how I’m redoing our kitchen this year? Our cabinets are good quality and will stay (but will get a redo) but there’s a little detail that I’ve been coveting for years now.

Every time we walk through IKEA I open and shut the cabinet doors to see the magic…the magic of the soft close door. I thought it was just a dream my friends. A dream of replacing each and every hinge in our kitchen that wasn’t going to happen.

But then…I found the answer in Home Depot. I find many answers at Home Depot. I was GIDDY, let me tell you. These are soft close dampers you can buy in a package or individually. I could barely wait to get them installed!

Here’s the package:

DIY soft close doors They come ten to a pack and it was $35 – not bad when you consider each cabinet is just over $3 to do this.

The installation was SUPER easy. They go inside the cabinet like so, with a bit of the edge hanging over:

DIY soft close doors

No, I haven’t painted the inside of the cabinet door. I don’t paint the insides. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Maybe someday somebody will have time for that.

I predrilled the hole for the screw:

simple soft close doors This makes installation a lot easier and makes sure the frame doesn’t split. Each one only needs one screw.

Here’s a quick video to show you how they close now:


(That auto plays all of my videos so you may want to push pause when it ends.)

I found mine to be perfect as they were, but you can turn the little dial on the back to adjust how fast the door shuts:

soft close damper Let. me. tell. you. It’s amazing! It feels so luxurious…all fancy-like. It does take some getting used to – we’re still trying to shut them and have to remind ourselves to chilllll and let it do it’s job.

The best part is the little pads on our doors are constantly falling off and I’m always gluing them back on and now there is no need. The directions just show these for cabinet doors but I’m going to try them out on a drawer to see if it works. If not…there’s always those full extending drawer slides with soft close…someday. ;) I’ll let you know if these work though!

I love sharing little finds like this that work well – have you tried these? Do they hold up well?